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It's Time to Give Back

Hands Deliver's Care Packages have several programs that provide nurses crucial financial assistance where they need it most for education, physical and mental health, coaching, and resources. To sponsor a program or learn more about our care packages, please contact us at


Be A Volunteer

Do you want to help us do more? Give the gift of time. Nurses give of themselves with a strong sense of humanity. Let's do the same for them. 

Interested in volunteering, please contact us at

Ask about Corporate Partnership programs

Nurse Volunteers for Focus Group?

Nurses, we need to hear from you!

Want to be part of a focus group?

Contact us at

ZoomCare and InCare bring self-care to a higher level for nurses who need an hour to empower, to regroup, or to feel a sense of camaraderie in a workshop or networking space that is intimate and secure. To sponsor a ZoomCare or an InCare session, please learn more and contact us at


The Hand to Hand Coast to Coast Project was the first program developed to get an all-in-one restorative and protective hand sanitizer to nurses for FREE through our GoFundMe page. To donate to this cause, visit our GoFundMe Hand to Hand Coast to Coast and give. With millions of nurses; let's get it in their hands.

Nurses need Nurses Care to protect their overwashed over sanitized hands left vulnerable to infections. FREE hand sanitizer can be sponsored for deserving nurses as gifts or you can buy one and give one. To explore creative ways to sponsor Nurses Care hand sanitizer, contact us at


Donate to Hands Deliver

Put nurse retention at the top of your list. We can't afford to lose them. Make a donation to our nurses.


Give $10 monthly and we can continue to see nurses thrive in the profession they love”. No amount is too small.  It's time to give.

To make a check donation, please make it out to Hands Deliver. You can mail your donations to:

Hands Deliver, Inc.
P.O. Box 6626
Alameda, CA 94501

Thank you for caring!

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