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Supporting Self-Care

4 Million Nurses Are...







Walking away from their profession

Hands Deliver, Inc. is a 501c3 nonprofit dedicated to supporting the overall wellbeing of nurses in a profession that compromises their lives.


Hands Deliver provides supplemental financial aid for extended and nontraditional care not provided in nurses' health benefits, CEU credits as well as access to much-needed resources and self-care events.

Hands Deliver

To improve retention

in the nursing profession by providing nurses with mental, physical, and educational assistance and resources that support their overall wellbeing.

Hands Deliver

Seeing nurses have access to all types of self-care while knowing they're appreciated, respected, and supported as they continue to practice their profession feeling secure and whole with dignity and humanity.

Hands Deliver

 1 out of 4 nurses suffers from PTSD. Support is needed to maintain and sustain these angels of mercy. We can provide  them with the resources and assistance they need, however,  we truly need your help.​