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Customized for Compromised Skin

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  • Unique healing benefits from Sodium Hyaluronate

  • Hydrates and soothes skin

  • Age-Delaying


  • Lightweight

  • Soothing

  • Silky finish

  • Unscented 

  • Easy Application

  • Quick absorption



"...Ooh, this is like moisturizer and my hands are usually so dry. This is nice and easy on my hands...Very good...Nice job...thanks Hand to Hand Coast to Coast!"

When the pandemic began lack of approved hand sanitizers was scarce with many products recalled. More disheartening was the PPE shortage for nurses and our concern due to their increased susceptibility to viruses, infections, and more. With shared concerns Hands Deliver teamed up with 3toZen to bring nurses, Nurses Care.

Nurses Care hand sanitizer forms a thin, transparent visco-elastic surface film that helps to preserve the characteristics of healthy hands. Frequent handwashing and use of hand sanitizers can lead to… 

  • Impaired skin barrier

  • Itchy and scaly skin

  • Red irritated hands

  • Dermatitis flare-ups


Nurses Care brings Zen to your skin with a soothing formulation designed with the unique healing and barrier building benefits of a specific molecular weight, Sodium Hyaluronate.







3toZen is offering Nurses Care hand sanitizer to the public with a portion of the proceeds of each bottle donated to Hands Deliver’s Hand to Hand Coast to Coast project and nurse retention.

For our policy or more information on how you can order Nurses Care, visit 3toZen or The Hand to Hand Coast to Coast Project

"...Nurses Care feels like lotion but it is actually sanitizing my hands, which makes it perfect for me to use with my patients."

Traveling RN from Dallas TX

"...Ooh this is like a moisturizer...alcohol usually dries out my hands. This feels like lotion.  This is nice. I like it. Good Job!"

Traveling RN's in NYC NY

"...I just tried some right now and it's very soothing and doesn't irritate the multiple cuts I have on my hands ...This is the first hand sanitizer I've ever tried that hasn't burned or dried out my hands."

Emergency Room RN from St. Louis MO

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