Education Care

Continuing Education is a part of a nurse’s DNA. A nurse needs to complete 35 CEU units each year to retain their nursing credentials. Hands Deliver will provide for those nurses that need additional funding to support their ongoing certifications that allow them to remain in the profession. Read more

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Nurses Care

Nurses have uncompromising standards when it comes to “gel-in-gel-out” to maintain the proper procedures. They require the wholesome integrity of their skin barrier to be healthy. However, frequent handwashing and use of hand sanitizers can lead to an impaired skin barrier, causing itchy, red, irritated hands and dermatitis flare-ups.  Nurses Care’s all-in-one soothing hand sanitizer is designed with restorative and protective properties and is free for nurses when we receive sales through our partner, 3toZen and our GoFundMe Hand to Hand Coast to Coast.  Read more

Health Care

Hands Deliver provides financial aid that supports physical and mental health not considered in healthcare plans. We take into account a nurse’s emotional stress when it pertains to affording the health choices that feel better for them. We offer supplemental financial assistance for additional out-of-pocket expenses that are minimized or not covered by standard health benefits. Read more

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Resource Hub

Hands Deliver provides resource links and information beneficial to a nurse’s journey to self-care and career care goals. We vet our resources and do not in any way judge or are bias to the different ways that various therapies can complement a nurse’s healthcare journey. Our desire is to make sure that nurses have access to organizations, groups, and nurse organizations that can benefit their needs. Learn more

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Zoomcare is an online workshop and event series offered to nurses with either a nominal registration fee or free when available resources permit. These sessions are designed to teach and offer a nontraditional approach that supports self-management and life balance, while addressing work retention within an informative, healthy and secure environment. Read more

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Hand to Hand Coast to Coast

The Hand to Hand Coast to Coast project is a program through Hands Deliver that is a Go Fund Me ready to give free personal Nurses Care hand sanitizers to the nurses that need them. The COVID19 pandemic caught our nation off guard with shortages leaving simple items like hand sanitizer scarce and rush-to-market products recalled by the FDA. We provide hand sanitizers that can restore their skin and meet the requirements plus ensure safety for themselves and their families. Read more