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Zoomcare is an online workshop and event series offered to nurses with either a nominal registration fee or free when available resources permit. These sessions are designed to teach and offer a nontraditional approach that supports self-management and life balance, while addressing work retention within an informative, healthy and secure environment.

Hands Deliver wants to ensure that nurses have access to resources that will assist them with their overall wellbeing.


We provide resources and offerings that keep them engaged in their own self-care. These types of offerings are as follows:

ZoomCare – Quarterly online seminars and webinars addressing stages of a nurse’s life to include:

  • Personal Protective Equipment outreach

  • Educational needs

  • Reproductive care

  • Skincare Challenges

  • Mental and physical fatigue

  • Holistic alternatives

  • Supportive positive group dynamics

  • Life balance discussions

  • Healthcare benefits and financial planning

You can access ZoomCare by visiting our Events Calendar.

Hands Deliver also understands the importance of live workshops and seminars. We will be offering our HD InCare when gathering in larger groups is permitted. 

InCare – Quarterly in-person events that provide live demonstrations, holistic workshops, self-care management, and  educational aspects of:

  • Health and Beauty

  • Healing and Meditation

  • Holistic Education

  • Transitional Alternatives

  • Reproductive and Menopausal Management

Please continue to view our online events calendar for scheduled InCare events

or contact us for further details.